Why It’s Curcumin Not Curry Spice That Can ‘Cure’ Cancer

Curcumin is in the news again this week, with This Morning highlighting how Dieneke Ferguson, 67, “remarkably improved” her cancer condition by taking the Indian spice turmeric.

The ancient golden spice is most commonly used in curries – but it is the active compound of Curcumin that provides the real powerful anti-inflammatory benefits.

Dieneke claims she’d tried five years of medications for treating multiple myeloma (terminal blood cancer), along with three rounds of chemotherapy before being told that her treatment would come to an end.

With myeloma you just have regular blood tests…normally if you don’t have any chemo and you have multiple myleoma, your cancer count goes up. It didn’t go up. It stayed the same and then slowly went down,” she claims.

Curcumin has been found to reduce inflammation in the muscles, skin and joints. Curcumin also has many anti-inflammatory benefits that can benefit the anti-aging process and even improve your memory.

Experts believe that there is no other explanation for why Dieneke’s cancer condition improved. It could only be the Curcumin that was having the effect.

Many people confuse the benefits of Curcumin- thinking they can get the same results by simply adding the turmeric into their curry.

However, only about 2-3% of Curcumin is found in Turmeric. Dieneke is now taking 9 tablets of Curcumin a day. You would need to take 10 bottles of turmeric daily to achieve the same results. This is why taking turmeric is impractical – asides from its lack of biovailability, turmeric is not as rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream.

Taking a Curcumin Supplement Is Essential

For these reasons, and to gain maximum Curcumin health benefits, it’s highly recommended to take a Curcumin supplement.

One Curcumin supplement that can make a big difference is Curcuminx4000™ which uses Meriva® technology. This is a patented delivery form of Curcumin formulated with soy lecithin in a 1:2 ratio, along with two parts of microcystalline cellulose which are added to improve flowability. It also improves the overall Curcumin content in the final product of around 20%.

Meriva® uses phytosome tecnology to improve the bioavailability of compounds like polyphenolics and triterpenoid acids, that are normally characterised by poor solubility both in water and in organic solvents.

Another choice is Liposomal Curcumin. Liposomal technology increases the absorption of Curcumin and enables it to safely remain in the blood for longer and at a higher concentration.


Recommended Examples

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BrainPower™ – Liposomal Curcumin formula containing Resveratrol that may improve health at maximum nutrient strength.Provides natural anti-inflammatory protection and increased antioxidant activity.

May help to protect the brain, lower blood pressure, improve insulin sensitivity, relieve joint pain and lengthen lifespan.

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