Using Turmeric To Treat Skin Conditions

Turmeric is one of the dietary supplements that can help to minimize the intensity of flare ups among psoriasis sufferers, according to the National Psoriasis Foundation. In fact many sufferers do use it to alleviate their symptoms, and it has been widely used in both traditional medicine and as an ingredient in food. It is definitely effective, according to most reviews and opinions.

The effects of turmeric on various skin conditions was investigated and the results published on the website, and turmeric was determined to be an effective antioxidant as well as a natural ingredient. Turmeric was also mentioned in another survey, which looked at several herbs and their anti inflammatory properties. Turmeric has thus been proven effective in treating several different skin conditions, including curcumin psoriasis, and a study is being funded by the National Center for Complementary & Alternative Medicine that will look into whether it can effectively treat other conditions and diseases. These include acute respiratory distress syndrome, post menopausal osteoporosis and liver cancer.

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