The Correct Curcumin Dosage

Depending on patients’ conditions, Curcumin Dosage range anywhere between taking one capsule a few times a week to taking about six capsules a single day provided the patients’ physicians are aware of their patients high Curcumin Dosage. Unlike other supplement pills, curcumin is just a regular gelatin capsule and is not enteric coated.

Users intending on using Curcumin Dosage that go beyond occasional curry dinners are advised to use supplements as well. According to Sally Frautschy, Ph.D. one 900mg curcumin capsule can be roughly equated to five regular turmeric curry meals. Besides curcumin’s low absorption into the bloodstream, the other documented problem with this product is that it is not advisable to use repeatedly without food in the stomach because it tends to cause upsets to the stomach if taken on empty stomachs. To maximize its absorption, it is recommended that patients accompany curcumin with fatty foods or ideally used simultaneously with fish oil supplement.

Lifetime use of curcumin supplementation has been seen to significantly prevent colon cancer from the well-known curcumin in vitro anticancer effects which mostly operate through direct antioxidant effects which in turn make very little amounts of this product get absorbed from the gut when taken.
There are quite a number of studies underway on in vitro anticancer effects and some phase II studies in human beings for colorectal cancer prevention and are most likely to show positive effects in the near future.

Curcumin Dosage for healthy people is typically one 900mg curcumin a day. Cancer patients Curcumin Dosage is however different since they are advised to take as much as four 900mg capsules thrice a day for periods covering about 6 to 12 months, reducing Curcumin Dosage as time progresses. Biliary tract obstruction patients are advised to avoid curcumin because it is known to enhance biliary flow from one’s liver. To protect against gastric irritation high curcumin doses should never be taken on empty stomachs.

Patients just about to undergo major surgery are advised to avoid Turmeric Supplement two to three weeks before going for the surgery. Use of Turmeric Supplement for long durations is seen to lead to digestive problems and potentially causing complications if to people suffering from gallbladder disease. High Turmeric doses act as blood thinner and can also lead to stomach upsets with children being more susceptible to dietary turmeric supplements and medication side effects.
Although turmeric is considered safe for most healthy adults, knowing the quantity of turmeric in milligrams used in the cure and treatment of particular conditions is of great importance and it is considered safer for patients to use over the counter Turmeric Supplements which are made using controlled and specific amounts of turmeric.

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