Relief from Liver Problems With Curcumin

Gravatar_transparente“Hi Robert,

I love the curcumin product. I am having excellent results and would like to go on it long term to see what other results I get. I have had problems for years retaining water and knew it had something to do with my liver, but wasn’t sure what to take. I recently did a week long liver detox –it was hard. I’ve done some castol oil packs, some milk thistle (not enough really) and something else as well. The best results so far are the curcumin –but I upped the dose to 9/day. But on this dose my ankles stopped swelling up, I’m urinating more and I feel better with more energy and strength. I have history of heart failure after my son was born, and I think it was due probably more to liver problems than heart problems so you can see that healing my liver is very important to me.

Thank you for such a great product.”

– Margaret R.

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