Curcumin provides healing for neck and spine alignment


Gravatar_transparente“I’ve been taking curcumin for months now and I reckon it’s helped the remedial massage therapist and my chiropractor get my neck and the rest of my spine aligned, healed and flexible – I’ve had treatment once a week from both therapists. I had a few horse riding accidents involving my head (twice in 1989) and hips (in 1984), a few more car whiplashes (in 1969, 1985 and 1992) – I’m 53 now and all my muscles were holding on to my spine so tight I’d lost flexibility to say the least. As far as my muscles were concerned, they had to hold on to my spine and skull to literally save my life… and that’s the truth.

Thanks Robert – and make sure to let me know when curcumin is next on special!”


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