Brief Information About Curcumin: Acne Fighting Medicine

Acne is one of the most well-known yet irritating skin diseases from way back and up to the present. Acne may appear in various ways such as black head, white head, red bumps, or worse, cyst. However, there is good news; there are studies that one of the most effective remedies to date is the curcumin acne problems can now be fixed, read on to find out how it will benefit your skin.

Curcumin is a type of turmeric plant from the ginger family. It is popularly used by Indian practitioners because of its antiseptic and wound-healing properties. Anti-inflammatory is one of of the best effects you can get from it.

According to the acne sites, it may help heal and at the same time reduce the symptoms of acne. However, a professional health care practitioner should be available to assist you when using curcumin, acne will start to fade after your sessions with the curcumin.


Reduction of redness, size of the acne and speed up of the healing process is just few of its effective properties. During the healing process, a study conducted by Dr. Madalene Heng proved that to prevent the formation of scarring, block the PhK (an enzyme in the body) with topical curcumin.

Heng also noted that scarring in young patients with acne are devastated with their how they look and this is the same with patients with scars from burns. Early treatment is one of the key factors that Dr. Heng is pointing out. It prevents scar formation once the topical treatment is applied.


The one that neutralizes the damaging effects of free radicals from the cell tissue is the Curcumin that has a potent antioxidant; by lowering the inflammatory enzymes inside, both LOX and COX-2, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. Ask your doctor today so you can prevent marks and burns by using curcumin, acne and scar fighting medicine.

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